Terms of modern MMA include the division into weight classes, using special gloves, additional limitations in the methods and the time frame for matches.

Instead of boxing gloves in MMA are used mitts with open fingers. Regarding boxing gloves, mitts for MMA are thinner. Covers have been introduced to protect fists, reducing the number of cuts and the related breaks in fighters. In addition, the linings to some extent increase the entertainment fights, as it stimulates the fighters to use striking techniques.

Fights are limited in time: in most professional organizations usually fights last three rounds of five minutes, while in the title fights the number of rounds is increased to five.

Principled approach to MMA in various countries is different. However, despite the differences, banned almost in all official organizations today are:

• bites;

• blows to the groin, throat, back of the neck and spine;

• pokes in eyes;

• capture and manipulation of small joints (eg, fingers);

• «Fish-hooking» (attacking by fingers in vulnerable places, such as ears, mouth, nostrils with the intention to break the fabric).

There are two basic strategies of warfare in MMA:

• shock technology - when a fighter seeks to win by punches, elbows, knees and feet;

• wrestling - a fighter uses throws, seizures and pain / chokes.

To improve shock equipment in the rack are the most popular boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, various forms of Karate.

Hybrid style known informally as the styles of fighting, where there is no dominant rack characteristic and instead uses a combination of limited number of techniques that allows a fighter to use their strengths. These styles include the following:

• fighting in the clinch, also known as dirty boxing - tactics of this area is to use the clinch to limit the possibility of the enemy to move away far enough along with the application of punches, knees and elbows, as well as attempts to take the fighter to the ground;

• ground-and-pound - also abbreviated GnP or GNP, but there no official recognition of this designation and in the official reports are not currently in use. The technique of this style is very uncomplicated and consists of a passage in the leg, establishment of a dominant position on the ground and attacking the enemy, mainly by hands and elbows;

• grappling - in addition to the designation of a particular martial art, which is the fight against the use of painful and suffocating receptions, the term "grappling" also refers to the strategy applicable to the fighting in mixed regulations and aimed to minimize the impacts, the rapid conversion of fight to the ground and using of painful / choke holds;

• sprawl-and-brawl - this tactic is aimed to fight in stance with an effective protection against attempts to convert the fight to the ground. Proponent of this approach is usually a boxer, kickboxer, taybokser or karate with good protection.